Thursday, 12 April 2012

Senior RoR Dev... back on the market in Sydney

So, after a trip to Thailand, I'm finally back home in Oz and ready to look for a new role. Here's a quick overview of what I'm looking for, and what I've done - get in touch if we match up

What I'm looking for

I prefer building meaty applications solving interesting problems. I'm not interested in building cookie-cutter brochure-ware. I prefer greenfields development to maintenance work.

I like to work with agile teams - sprints and kanban is good. I do not enjoy pair-programming, so if that's your style... maybe not for me.

I prefer a relaxed and friendly culture. "enterprisey" corporations need not apply!

What have I done?

I tend to find that the "standard" recruiting tool of the Word-doc resume does not accurately reflect my skills, so here's a list of my work and my presence online in the technical sphere. Go have a look for yourself.

LinkedIn has the closest thing to a resume. This is my profile page on LinkedIn

You're currently *looking* at my technical blog - showing my howtos and code snippets etc

I have a WorkingWithRails profile.

I have a StackOverflow profile.

I have a github account.
There's no recent work in github as I've been traveling a lot this past year, but you can see the patches I submitted to rails core (for Rails 3) - which centred around my work on the HyperActive Resource gem, which I was converting to the core Active Resource code.

I led a team building a startup website (called Matchfounders) back in Sep 2010 over a hackday weekend (called Launch48).
After the weekend, I took the prototype (in PHP) and rewrote it in Rails 3 (adding such trivialities as a test suite and actual security measures)... then developed it a *little* bit more. It's not currently under development but go have a look to see what I can do in about a week's worth of work.

Not immediately evident from the above, but I was active in the RoR oceania community in Sydney before I left Sydney, as well as SLUG - where I gave a howto talk on Rails about four years ago.

When I went to London I was active in LRUG (the London Ruby Users Group), also giving a couple of talks, one of which is online here: Rubyprof and kcachegrind

I briefly featured on a peepcode podcast, interviewed by Geoffrey Grosenbach about my work on HyperActive Resource... but I'll admit I was somewhat overawed and didn't come off sounding particularly clever.

Last and most definitely least I have a website... but it is the neglected poor cousin of all my other sites and is not worth looking at
(*cough* not updated since I left Sydney three years ago *cough*)


I'm an experienced senior Ruby Developer in Sydney - looking for a position in a solid company doing cool things. Drop me an email at this email address

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