Thursday, 19 April 2012

Link: The perils of opinionated software like Rails

An old guest blogpost on RailsInside caught my interest, called The perils of opinionated software like Rails. It's never a good idea to get too fanatical about one's choice of framework - so I definitely recommend having a read.

He raises some good points, including the should-be-obvious "the opposite of bad software is not necessarily good software". The specific ideas he raises are surrounding Rails' poor re-implementation of database security-checks - something that old, enterprisey-style applications leave up to the actual database, because that's been a solved problem for years. Recent versions of Rails are better at this, but I think his message is still important. We should always keep in mind that old enterprisey software may still have some good stuff that we maybe aren't using more through fear of looking enterprisey ourselves, rather than because it's actually not a good idea.

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