Tuesday, 12 December 2006

So I finally ditched dry_scaffold after a few too many annoying little things. There's apparently a new version coming out that fixes a lot of these minor annoyances... but it's not stable enough to use just yet - and my life is moving on without it.

The most annoying to me were:
1) Not allowing me to use apostrophes in generated form fields. It didn't just escape them out before saving. It silently removed them from your field as you typed it. :P
2) No proper support for modules. This becomes annoying when most of your sites have both a publically-accessible view of your Thingies and an Admin::ThingyController to do your thingy CRUD. dry_scaffold would look at this and expect your model to be kept in app/models/admin/thingy.rb, so you'd have to have a copy in your base model directory and a symlink in that directory if you wanted to have just one model file for two controllers to access... not exactly DRY in my book.

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