Sunday, 3 December 2006

Kill the ugly duckling!

For years, now, I've had a "tradesman's website"... you know, how the tradesman comes home and doesn't want to do *more* work, so they let their own house go. That's what my website has been like now for a while. I've suffered brief bouts of inspiration, followed by a flurry of new stuff - only to get caught up in what I was doing at work and not want to do any web-development once I got home :P

But that's gotta change - and the old styling is really not cutting it for me. So the first thing I've done is to get some graphic desgin done... I'll be getting the first look at the result on Monday and have been really looking forward to it!

I've never had to brand myself before, and that's essentially what I'm doing. I've worked with branding for products, companies and services, events and concepts - but never for myself. I had a chance to chat about what I like, how I see myself being portrayed and even a few of my favourite hobbies (eg calligraphy) and now I'm really looking forward to the results.

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