Friday, 12 April 2013

Huge medieval camping event - come and join in!

war at Rowany festival

The reason it's been so quiet around here this month is that I've been crazy busy in my main hobby due to our major event for the year (run by our local group).

Rowany Festival is the largest Medieval re-enactment event in the Southern Hemisphere. I've heard it described as "kind of like Burning Man but with a medieval theme" - we prepare all year for this!

This year 800 of us all got together at Peats Ridge and camped medieval-style, fought wars, sang, danced, drank a *lot* of booze (some of it made by me) and generally had a great time...

Needless to say not a lot of Ruby got written... but that'll pick up again now I've got most of my washing done and camp kit packed away again.

If you'd like to join me on this stuff - I'm the president the NSW branch of the SCA, known as Rowany. The Australian kingdom is called Lochac (and also covers NZ too).

The whole Society is huge: 100,000 worldwide, and we all run regular events (camping roughly once a quarter, and feasts/tourneys once a month and just general hanging-out and learning fun stuff every week) and it's a great deal of fun.

Come along to our casual fighter-practice which is held on Tuesday nights at Petersham Town Hall on Crystal St (near to Petersham Station). We regularly get 30-50 people every week and they're running beginners fighting classes right now*. We also have regular singing, Calligraphy fibre-craft and costuming days every month.

* its $5 a night for non-members, or you can join for a year for $30 - but you have to do your membership online here (we're not allowed to take payment directly for that)

Picture Credit: Enough Wealth: Rowany Festival


Dave Aronson said...

Why am I not surprised? :-) When I saw the headline, I thought maybe you were coming up here for Pennsic....

Taryn said...

aha! :)

Sadly not to pennsic. I have plans to get there someday... but it's not in the near future.