Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Enforced computer-free time

Gah - I've been computer-free for the past week, and not by choice.

My ageing macbook suddenly started to switch off... at random. This was ok for a while... but when it took four times for it to even get through the boot process - I had to take it into the Apple shop. meanwhile I finally set about getting a new desktop, and work gave me a new macbook to try and use.

I couldn't get the monitor to work on the desktop, and the macbook is too new to run the current ubuntu LTS (though I somehow managed to get 9.10 to install... but it won't find the ethernet port)...

I've finally got the desktop working (I was using the wrong video connection) but I still can't get mail to work properly (the joys of mail on a linux machine...), and my macbook is back from the shop... but the ethernet isn't working.

soooo.... still no email and it's been a week. But at least I have google now.

You realise just how dependant on something you've become when you suddenly don't have it anymore.

You also find just how stuck you can be. How do you find the location of a good internet shop if you don't have access to google to look one up? There used to be a directory-services phone number, but I have no idea what that is anymore, and of course I don't have a copy of the yellow pages anymore (who bothers with those when you have google)?

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