Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Students

So, I've been teaching the General Assembly Immersive Web Development course for the past two months now.

It's going great and has been a really rewarding (if highly challenging) experience for me

They've recently finished their second (of three) projects, and the results are pretty amazing - especially considering that most of them had never touched a line of code, two months ago.

Here are links for some of their blogs to see how they've been coping over the past two months...

Sam Peters

Sam is a creative developer and her humour punctuates her work. Her blog showcases her particular mix of creativity and humour, with quite pointed insight into the development process and community

Her first project was: Forage, a website built to let gardeners swap their excess produce with others.

Alberto Forni

Alberto moved here all the way from Italy with his girlfriend in order to learn development. He's studying full-stack development, and his girlfriend is in the classroom next door studying User Interface Design. So I expect them to make a formidable development team when they're done.

His first project was: Alfred lets you keep track of expenses and wishlists - and share your wishlists with your friends.

Luke Schoen

Luke is always overflowing with ideas. No sooner do I describe some new topic and he thinks of five new applications for it in various combinations with other things he's learned.

His first project was TrendMyHunch, a site to share your ideas, pick your favourites and see if they're currently trending on google.

I have plenty more students, but they haven't shared their blog-urls with me yet... I'll come back and add them if/when they do :)

Here are the links to their recent, group-projects:

Expense Tracker

Split and track expenses with your friends or housemates

Autism Connect

A community for carers of the Autistic, allowing sharing of autism-related events, documents, links etc

Rick Rampage

A javascript, scrolling shooter game (the scores are stored in the rails backend)

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