Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ubuntu without the Unity!

For some time now my ageing (and now quite flaky) Macbook Pro has been running Lucid Lynx (an older version of Ubuntu). I've been biding my time and avoiding upgrading since, well, April 2010, I guess.

For most of the time it was because upgrading your only machine that you rely on for 100% of your income, to a potentially unstable, non long-term release version is generally a bad idea; but then, when I went to a new employer, I tried a new install of the new long term release... and slammed headlong into the weirdness that is the Unity Interface.

To sum up my experience: when I buy a desktop, I want it to *be* a desktop... not a iPad.

Now - maybe I'm just being backwards and should embrace the new unified interface which I'm told is meant to be amazing... if a little bloated.. and sometimes corrupts your file system if something goes wrong... but this is still my only machine (for now) and I need to be sure it's ok. I don't want to upgrade to Unity.

Of course, there is now a new long-term-release version, and sadly, the old one is now no longer supported, so I'm feeling a bit like a sprite in an old platform game, being relentlessly pushed towards the future by the scrolling screen...

Thankfully, I've malingered just long enough for the Ubuntu Gnome project to have been officially blessed by . it's not an LTR version yet, but it will be.

Until then - it's also possible to upgrade to the LTR but keep gnome. I've been putting it off because I'm ultra-busy and kept finding other, much more important things to do than figuring out how to do it myself... but I've just found a neat article on how to change your ubuntu interface to gnome.

Just what the doctor ordered

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