Thursday, 1 April 2010

What am I up to?

Wow, time goes by so fast!

It seems that only a few weeks ago I was writing my RubyCAS blogposts and now it's suddenly April and I haven't finished them up yet. They're all sitting, half-written in my drafts folder.

The past few months have been crazy-busy. I left my previous employment in Windsor and am now working two part-time contracts - one for Mobibliast in Australia one day a week (paying off the mortgage back home), and one for Moneyspyder three days a week in London. For my remaining one day a week, I'm working on my own startup - which I'll tell more about as it creeps closer to launch-date... though that one day a week often creeps over in to Saturday and sometimes Sunday too. :P


Unknown said...

You didn't stay then? I'd heard there was a bit of a change of scene.

You didn't seem all that happen when I was there.

Taryn East said...

It just wasn't right for me. Now I'm back doing what I was doing in Sydney - ie freelancing - which I'm much happier with :)