Sunday, 26 July 2009

Rails underground

Just a quick post to say I attended the Rails underground conference and it rocked!

There were some fantastic talks by a wide range of speakers. My favourite being Jim Weirich's talk on the search for the Grand Unified Theory of Software Development. But I also enjoyed Yehuda's keynote talk on the future of Rails 3, Obie Fernandez's talk on setting up a rails business, and the panel discussion with all of the above, and a video-feed from DHH.

I also met some great people, including Desi McAdam, who introduced me to dev-chix, Geoffrey Grosenbach who chatted to me about my plans for my HyRes plugin and Yehuda Katz who I also chatted with about my plugin - and how to go about bringing it into Rails 3.


s.andringa said...

We've had a fantastic time as well. Atmosphere at such smaller confs is just great. My write up is here Cheers to Mark Coleman for organising.

Taryn East said...

Ya - it had a great atmosphere. Not so big that I felt like just one person in a milling crowd, and plenty of really great speakers, so it didn't feel like a tiny local conference. Just a perfect balance.