Thursday, 21 May 2009

Testing gotchas: nested logins don't work

*sigh* after a couple of hours futile hacking about I finally realised that my controller tests were failing because login_as cannot be nested. ie. if you have a context with a login_as @user1 in the setup... then put a context inside it where you login_as @user2... it won't actually do the second login.

So just move that nested context outside. Simples neh?


bryan said...

way off the thread here... but...


that is _such_ a south african colloquial expression! lank (ie. very) surprised even to see it in print- lol!

oh. and tx for the heads up :)

Taryn East said...

LOL - I never knew it was saffa too! I got it from the Japanese expression - where it seems to be equivalent to adding "you know?" at the end of a sentence. :)