Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Ok, so I'm bored. After Ben's suggestion for improving POST redirections I decided to implement a "controllerize" inflector ;)

Not sure yet how to get this into String (so I can do: "user".controllerize). I tried going via class String, module Inflections, and via module CoreExt with no joy... so for now you still have to invoke it via Inflector. I welcome suggestions, but I really should stop distracting myself with nifty metaprogramming. ;)

Anyway, this is the code - stuff it into somewhere like environment.rb:

module Inflector
  # turns a given class name into the properly capitlkaised controller name.
  # This can be fed to "constantize" to get the actual controller by this
  # name
  def controllerize(word)
    # make sure it's the raw class name, camelize then add controller 

Examples of use follow:

>> Inflector.controllerize("user")
=> "UsersController"
>> Inflector.controllerize("my_widget")
=> "MyWidgetsController"
>> Inflector.controllerize("String::Thingy")
=> "ThingiesController"
>> ctrl = Inflector.controllerize("user").constantize
=> UsersController

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Anonymous said...

To get this working on a string add a controllerize method under module ActiveSupport, module CoreExtensions, module String, module Inflections. If you follow the pattern of the other methods here you'll need to call Inflector.controllerize(self) and put your controllerize method under module Inflector.