Friday, 26 January 2007

First contract

So I finished up my first ever contract yesterday. It was a good start. I had been hired for a week of work to implement a payment gateway to allow people to subscribe to the site.

It started out much slower than I hoped as I managed to get the bad luck of coming down with the flu on the day I was supposed to begin. I negotiated to take the first day off, but even after I started my head was pretty fuzzy. Not good for staying at the height of my game.

So I worked some longer hours than I would have done - especially in the later days of the contract, just to try to make up for the early slow-down.

Anyway, in the end the system was successfully subscribing and unsubscribing people. I was hired for a couple of extra days to do some other stuff, so the client obviously wasn't unhappy with my work. :)

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