Monday, 27 June 2011

EU cookie law: in video

A while back I pointed out that a new law about cookies was coming out. Well, that passed into law in the UK on 26th May 2011.

It is now illegal to have cookies on your website without explicitly asking for permission.

That includes your google analytics tracking tags!

Luckily, they've realised what a pain it is to update your website, and have told everybody that they will not actually prosecute anybody with this law for a year... as long as they are actually doing *something* about the issue.

It also makes sense to start thinking about now, if only to make sure we're not all madly stuck trying to rectify the problem at midnight May 25th next year.

Of course the problem is that there is still no consensus on what we actually need to *do* to meet compliance. The ICO's guidance on the topic still being woefully inadequate.

There's more from the Guardian on the cookie law shambles.

and here's a great YouTube video that briefly describes the whole issue.

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