Thursday, 2 April 2009

git gotchas: the wrong forking repository

So I'm pretty new to git, really, and am learning all the places that I can stumble and fall head-over-arse. Today's escapade is entitled "how to recover from forking the wrong repository in github". It's quite a simple recovery, and you'd think it'd be obvious how to recover from it... you'd also think that github would have a "how to" in the main help page...

This solution is based on having just made the mistake and wanting to just delete it and start over straight away. Obviously this doesn't work if, say, you've started making changes and want to keep them - you're on your own there.

The solution... delete the repository and start again

  1. Go to your version of the repository on github
  2. Choose the "Admin" tab (from the list at the top)
  3. Right down the bottom of the page is a section labelled "Administration". At the bottom of the box is a small, blue link labelled "Delete this repository".
  4. Click that link - then click "Yes" a few times to convince github that you really are sure.

Now you're done. The repository may not be deleted for a few minutes (it's a background process) and your dashboard may be cached so it may appear for a little while longer. Once it's gone you can go back and pick the correct fork of the repository that you want.

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