Tuesday, 15 May 2007

RubyFit that works...

We're setting up a FITnesse server and intend to use RubyFIT for it. I tried using Cory Foy's tutorial to help get them talking to each other - but found it was out of date. The differences:

  • Get your Rubyfit from sudo gem install fit instead of "grabbing ruby.zip" (because ruby.zip no longer exists on the Interweb)
  • Instead of !define COMMAND_PATTERN {ruby -I %p ruby/bin/FitServer.rb -v} use !define COMMAND_PATTERN {ruby -I %p <path to your fit gem's bin>/FitServer.rb -v}
  • ignore the fact that FITnesse seems not to be as verbose with reporting the details of exceptions as Cory Foy's tutorial suggests - just move on to the "path" step

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